About / Social and Ecological Awareness

Ma'agan Michael feels that it is enlightened self-interest to invest in the preservation and upgrading of its environment  –  both  social and ecological.

 Ecological Awareness

Ma'agan Michael endeavors to implement as many environmentally friendly practices as possible. For example in the orchard sector, the specific climatic conditions are exploited to allow insecticide-free methods of cultivation.  Likewise it employs a revolutionary new system for the purification and recycling of waste-water from the dairy sector using the natural cleansing properties of varieties of cane plants, which are especially grown for this purpose.  Moreover, although Ma'agan Michael strives constantly to make its agricultural operations more efficient and commercially viable, its environmentally aware practices have made it one of best bird-watching locations in the world.   

Social Involvement

Over the years Ma'agan Michael has absorbed numerous groups of socially disadvantaged youth, many of whom have risen to senior positions both inside and outside the kibbutz.  Ma'agan Michael is also engaged in several on-going social welfare initiatives in nearby towns and villages – such as educational programs for new immigrants and women's empowerment projects.